KITV4 | Oceanit Gets Emergency Clearance for Rapid COVID-19 Tests

KITV4 Island News visited Oceanit’s offices and labs yesterday to speak with Oceanit CEO, Dr. Patrick Sullivan about the newly authorized ASSURE-100 Rapid COVID-19 Test.

Reporter Kristen Consillio spoke to Sullivan about the demand for rapid tests and next steps for ASSURE-100.  As COVID-19 cases remain high in other parts of the world, Oceanit is hoping to ramp up manufacturing quickly and be part of the solution. In addition, producing more affordable and numerous tests will mean that Hawaii and the US are better prepared for any new variants and for a potential new surge in cases.

In addition, Sullivan hopes that future manufacturing can be done in Hawaii. “We’re trying to build a more diverse economy. We need to do more than just focus on tourism,” he said. “Now we can actually create jobs we think to put really smart, bright people to work.”

Read the full story and watch the KITV4 segment here.