Free Rapid Tests for our Kūpuna and At-Risk Hawai'i Residents

We are a local Hawai'i technology company concerned with protecting our community from current and future COVID outbreaks. The ASSURE-100 rapid COVID-19 test was developed by us, here in Hawai’i, and was granted two FDA Authorizations - for point of care and at-home use.

On May 11th, the U.S. Government will stop covering the costs for at-home COVID tests. In response, for a limited time we are giving away free ASSURE-100 rapid tests to our Hawaii Kūpuna, those 65 years and older, and individuals who are at higher risk for health complications. Please click below to get your free ASSURE-100 tests delivered to you.

Free tests only for Hawai’i residents. Limit to 1 test pack per household.

For use under FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) only.